Who am I?

I made my entrance to Planet Earth and struck land at the time of the pandemic outbreak in 2019. Now I’m bringing my hard-techno/trance sound all over the world. 

My journey has led me to iconic venues across the world like Bootshaus, Germany | EGG London, UK | Thuishaven, Amsterdam | Guaba Beachclub, Cyprus | Prism, Singapore | Enter, Budapest and many more…

I’ve been fortunate to receive support & work together with artists like Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Hardwell, Adam Beyer, Maddix, Deborah De Luca, Joseph Capriati, Layton Giordani, Space92, T78, Danny Avila, Joyhauser, and many others. Together, we create the sound that resonates with you and keeps planet earth alive.

As you read this, a question might arise: Who is behind all this? Just to keep you in suspense: My identity remains a secret.